Best Places to visit in Turkey

Best Places to visit in Turkey

 Get a taste of the most wonderful places in Turkey! Explore this impressive country and get amazed by the history and beauty!





A modern metropolis which doesn’t forget her history! A place where East meet West, a city of over 16.000.000 inhabitants and million of visitors every year! The starting point for all the journeys in Turkey, offering wonderful sites and monuments of significant eras! Sail between two continents, on the famous Bosphorus and admire the queen of the cities!




An amphitheatrical town, built on a rocky hill overlooking the plains of Northern Syria. Mardin is a unique place and the oldest cities in the region, known for the Arabic architecture of the old town. Imposing houses the one next to the other, made by rock, with open terraces providing amazing views! At the new town you can find everything you want… from galleries to medieval astronomical observatory.



Hz.Mevlananin dogumunun 800. yili nedeniyle Konya Ataturk Stadyumunda 300 semazenin katilacagi bir organizasyon duzenleniyor. Konya Mevlana Muzesi yaninda bulunan Selimiye camii serefesinden kusbakisi gorunusu. (fotograf:kursat bayhan istanbul zaman 29092007)

One of the oldest cities in the world and at the same time one of the most developed in the country. The place where Jalaluddin Rumi, the founder of the order of Whirling Dervishes, lived during his lifetime. Konya combines muddy neighborhoods and beautiful buildings at wonderful districts, full of lively people who love music and dance!




An unreal landscape, located in the depths of Anatolia at an altitude of 1.500m, where you can still recognize Greek elements, at the monasteries, frescoes and the mansions! An extraordinary scenery full of amazing geological formations, weird rock resembling mushrooms, fairy chimneys and canyons! The highlight is a ride with a hot balloon!




One of the most famous resorts in Turkey! A place which is preferred both from the tourists and the locals, receiving one million visitors every year. Marmaris offers 5 marinas and a harbor where you can see cruise ships and luxury yachts! Sandy beaches, turquoise waters, magnificent nature, lively nightlife and a historic old town, with the highlight to be the Sultan Suleiman’s castle, built in 1522.


Halicarnassus (Bodrum)


At Bodrum you will not need to use maps! A paradise where there are no names or signs at the streets. Million of tourists walking every year the paths leading to the old town with the castle of St Peter, built by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century. Except the beautiful landscapes with the fantastic beaches, you can also admire the derelict windmills, the stone churches, the fountains and the villages which reach the sea!




A significant town on the Black Sea coast of Turkey which served as a Silk Road and a trade gateway to Iran! Trabzon offers many beautiful landscapes to relax and connect with nature. The two highlights are the Sumela Monastery, located on a very steep mountain and Hagia Sophia, which was an amazing Byzantine church and now serves as a mosque.

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