Things to do for free in Istanbul

Things to do for free in Istanbul

Stroll around the city and enjoy all the wonderful sights! Dozens of attractions and places to visit, which are free for all of us…Learn the things to do for free in Istanbul


Spice Bazaar

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The second most famous covered bazaar in Istanbul.. and not only! Located at the Old Part of the city, hosts 88 small shops. Also known as the Egyptian Bazaar, is a place full of flavor and colors, famous for the fresh spices, herbs, delicacies and many more… 

Yildiz Park

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One of the largest public parks in Istanbul! Located in the Besiktas area, was once part of the imperial garden of Yildiz Palace. A colorful place with beautiful flowers, plants and trees, gathered from every part of the world, dating from the Ottoman era

Blue Mosque

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The only mosque in the country, with six minarets! Its name comes from the thousand blue and green toned tiles adorning its walls. One of the most famous sights in Istanbul and not only… dating from the 17th century

Caferaga Medressi

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 This place was a religious school, during the Ottoman era! Constructed by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, in 1559. Located next to Hagia Sophia, offers a large variety of workshops for handicrafts and music, sponsored by the Fine Arts College. Music and art exhibitions also take place in the Medresesi

Fransiz Street

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 This beautiful and unique place, is a narrow downhill street… tribute to the French influence in Turkey, which lasted for centuries. Beautiful restored buildings, house boutiques, galleries, small cafes, wine houses and restaurants! The street has a graceful vibe, thanks to a carefully planned restoration project led by Parisian architects


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An old fisherman village, that has turned into a lovely and traditional neighborhood! Located under the first bridge on the banks of Bosphorus, offers amazing views to the city. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars and every Sunday takes place a flea market, with clothes, accessories and decorations!

Grand Bazaar

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One of the largest, oldest and the most famous covered bazaar in the whole world! It hosts more than 4.000 shops full of traditional Turkish artifacts, leather clothing, jewelry, hand woven fabrics, bags, accessories, decorations and many more…

Gulhane Park

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The oldest public park in Istanbul, once part of the ground of Topkapi Palace, which was used as hunting place by the Sultans. A large park, located in the old part of the city and one of the top spots during April, because of the Tulip Festival that take place there every year

 St Anthony of Padua Catholic Cathedral

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This red-brick Venetian neo-gothic building is situated on Istanbul’s busiest pedestrian street, Istiklal. It is the largest and one of the most important Roman Catholic cathedrals in the city

Haydarpasa Railway

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One of the most scenic transport centers in the world, imposingly standing on the edge of the Marmara Sea on the Asian side of the city. The German Kaiser Wilhelm II offered it as a gift to Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II. Resembling a German Castle with its Neo Renaissance style

Suleymaniye Mosque

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An imposing mosque, located on a hill in the old part of the city, making it even more visible! The largest mosque in the city and one of the most famous sights in Istanbul. It was built by the well known Mimar Sinan (who is also buried there), in 1557. Within the complex there are also two separate small buildings which house the tombs of Süleyman the Magnificent and his wife, Sultana Hürrem

Galata bridge

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 One of the four bridges located at the Golden Horn, connecting the Old with the New part of the city. A very famous bridge, where there are fishermen trying to catch fishes and people walking along the bridge, enjoying the amazing views. Under the bridge, on both sides, there are many cafes and restaurants, especially serving fish

Valens Aqueduct


A Roman aqueduct which was the major water-providing system of the Eastern Roman capital of Constantinople (Istanbul). Completed by Roman Emperor Valens in the late 4th century AD, it was maintained and used by the Byzantines and later by the Ottomans. Nowadays remains one of the most important landmarks

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