Top Myths about Hagia Sophia

Top Myths about Hagia Sophia

Legends that date back hundreds of years ago, for one of the most important monuments of the world! Learn all about the Top Myths about Hagia Sophia!


The “Closed door”

At the day that Constantinople was conquered, Angel of Lord ceased the service at Hagia Sophia and led the priests behind a door! It is said that the priests are still waiting for God to wake them up so they can finish the ceremony!


The “Construction and the bees”

Rumors has it that the Emperor wasn’t satisfied by the construction plans of the master builder and he was searching for something even greater. One day, during a Sundays ceremony at Hagia Sophia, a bee took the piece of the Holy bread which was accidentally dropped by the Emperor. So he ordered all the bee keepers to search for the bee and find his piece of bread. The master builder, also opened his hives and unexpectedly found the bee! Inside the hive, the bees made a church by wax, so beautiful and carved, like nothing else he ever seen! The bee had left the piece of the holy bread, right on the top of the Holy Table. Emperor was so impressed by this, which used it as a base for Hagia Sophia


The “Holy table”

Shortly before the conquest of Constantinople, the Emperor ordered some ships to transfer the Holy Table and all the relics of Hagia Sophia, away from Istanbul. Somewhere close to the Marmara sea, the ship which was transferring the Holy Table, sank! Thenceforth, the waters there are always calm no matter the weather of the city


The “Tower of the Princess”

The highest tower at a Greek town, is known as the Tower of the Princess, because of a legend which says that the king’s daughter committed suicide from there. One day the King went for hunting and left his daughter on his behalf. Turks took advantage of this and using the head scarf of his father, asked her to give them the key of the castle. The legend says that this caused the conquer of the city! When the princess found out the truth, she fall of the tower


The “Underground arcades”

Rumors has it that there are underground arcades which lead to Princes Islands! And that the Sultans, wanting to pray at Hagia Sophia, extended their arcades to reach it from the underground. Moreover legends says that Hagia Sophia is linked with the Palace of Constantine and the Byzantine Aqueduct!


The“Magic marbles”

During the construction of Hagia Sophia, Justinian ordered the best and most beautiful marbles of the Empire! He wanted Hagia Sophia to be the best structure all over the world! The legend says that these marbles foretells the future and especially the major disasters!


The “Sacred column”

A famous column inside Hagia Sophia, where it is said that one night, Justinian rested his head while he was praying at God to ease him from his chronic headaches! And then a miracle happened! While neither doctors couldn’t find a treatment, Justinian rested his hopes to God. After that night, the column became very famous among the sick people


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