Pamukkale, is a unique  natural site located in Southwestern Turkey in the Meanders Valley, in Denizli region. Pamukkale in Turkish literally means ‘’cotton castle’’, due to its white pools, which have been used for its therapeutic powers since the 2th century BC. The restorative qualities of the calcium rich waters of the town, have a centuries old reputation! The unique travertine small pools above the city, were created when warm mineral water cooled and deposited calcium as it cascaded over the cliff edge. This phenomenon creates a unique sight which attracts thousands of visitors every year! UNESCO declared Pamukkale as a World Heritage Site…


Above the amazing travertines, lies Hierapolis, once a Roman and Byzantine city. The name Hierapolis, means ‘’sacred city’’ and according to Stephanus of Byzantium, the city was given this name because of the large number of temples it contained! The ruins of the city, reminds the life of a bygone era, in which Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians lived all together. At the ancient city of Hierapolis there are many sights to explore, such as:

Theater: this impressive theater was constructed under the reign of Hadrian. The seating capacity was 15.000 seats

Temple of Apollo: a beautiful temple, constructed for Apollo Lairbenos, the town’s principal god, during the late Hellenistic period

Plutonium: an ancient sanctuary for the Greek God Pluto

Necropolis: tombs of common people and families

Nymphaeum: located inside the sacred area in front of the Apollo temple. Shrine of the nymphs, a monumental fountain distributing water to the houses of the city

Martyrium: St. Philip’s Martyrium, where it is said that he was buried


Although Pamukkale is located in the Aegean region of Turkey, its situation further and higher from the sea level makes its climate a mixture of Mediterranean and continental climate.Winters are cold and sometimes snowy, which makes difficult wandering around pools. During summer time it can get quite hot, so a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary.

The nearest major city to Pamukkale, is Denizli which also provides an airport, 1 hour distance from Pamukkale. There are 3 flights everyday from Istanbul. In Denizli there is also a train station which provides transportation only from Izmir. There are bus services everyday, departing almost from all the cities of Turkey


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