Best places for entertainment in Istanbul

Best places for entertainment in Istanbul

Istanbul, besides being a city with unbelievable beauty and history… is also a city which offers countless options for your entertainment! Explore the amazing Istanbul, by getting lost in big or small neighborhoods full of all kind of bars, cafes, restaurants and night clubs, where you can experience unforgettable moments…
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The biggest and most famous pedestrian street in Istanbul! Located in the center of the city, is the most lively place, offering along its length dozens of bars, clubs, restaurants, taverns, traditional coffe shops and many more!



Under the first bridge of Bosphorus, you can find this lovely neighborhood which was a fishermen village! Located right on the banks of Bosphorus, offers not only great views but also well designed restaurant and bars!

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A totally modern area, which begins from the Eminonu pier and ends almost next to Tophane. Many small roads jumbled with each other, creating a beautiful result! Karakoy offers gorgeous places for your meals and drinks. Newly renovated buildings… beautifully decorated! Dozens of bars, cafes, restaurants and traditional shops waiting you to visit them…

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A lively place, located at the end of Istiklal street, full of narrow streets and buildings with beautiful old facades. A neighborhood, where even if you get lost, you will definitely end up somewhere inside the quarter, enjoying your drinks and having fun!



A beautiful neighborhood with cute cafes, bars and restaurants that put tables and chairs into the street, making a unique scenery! Located in the Old part of the city, offers also several hotels in a big range of prices



Located very close to city center, is one of the most elite and high class areas of Istanbul. A classy choice for a night our, offering many luxury cafes, bars and restaurants…

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Located almost on the banks of Bosphorus, this vivid neighborhood offers numerous of choices for those who want to spend a great night. Near the main street (Barbaros), there are many shops for doner, street food and Turkish taverns…lovely small traditional coffee shops and nice bars!



Although it is located very close to the city center, this neighborhood has a totally different atmosphere! A quiet place, with many small but lovely coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and bars with very nice decor, ideally for relaxed evenings…

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Right in the middle of Istiklal street, a side road where you can find plentiful food, small souvenirs shops, lively gypsy music and crowds fusing together to create an atmosphere like no other. Turkish taverns fill the area, offering a dizzying assortment of mezes, seafood and raki!

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