Health Tips for Istanbul

Health Tips for Istanbul

We created a small list with Health Tips for Istanbul, which you should pay attention to, during your stay:


Tap Water

While your stay in Istanbul, prefer to drink bottled water instead of tap water. There are street sellers all over the city, so you can find it easily. It costs 0,50 or 1,00 Turkish Lira. For brushing your teeth or cooking, tap water is perfectly safe!


If you are a non-smoker, you should be patience sometimes because Turks love to smoke and they smoke everywhere! There is nothing you can do about it… so this is something like a warning. The positive is that, usually, smoking is not allowed at most of the closed spaces

Cats and Dogs

Be prepared to get in contact with many cats! There are thousand of them all over the city. Turks really love them… so you may see them at the most weird places… eating, sleeping, playing! Concerning dogs, you will not come across many of them. Rarely, you might see one ot two on the streets, but always wearing chips on their ears

Street food

One of the best things about Istanbul is the street food! You can find it everywhere, its always cheap, tasty and with good quality! Pay attention to two types of them: midye dolma and kokorec. Both of them should be eaten in clean and safe places so please ask your hotel or the locals for advice on where you can enjoy them

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