Scams in Istanbul

Scams in Istanbul

Turks are always very honest and helpful… especially when it comes to tourists! Unfortunately, in a city with a population of over 16 million, there will always be people who will try to scam you during your stay here. This of course should not make you feel distrustful in connection with the Turks. Just pay attention to some things and keep your eyes open…



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Taxi Scams

Prefer to take taxis that use taxi meter, so the drivers will not cheat you. In case you take a taxi with no meter, agree the money for the fare in advance. Target is anybody but especially tourists








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Shoe Shine

This is a very common trick, targeting mostly tourists. A shoe shiner, walks on the street holding his toolbox, when ”accidentally” his brush drops down. The normal reaction from the people walking behind him, is to call him and give it back. This is what they expect from you to do in order to start talking and convince you to shine your shoes for free as a thank you for your help… but at the end will ask you money. If you indeed want to shine your shoes, then agree on the price in advance…for both shoes!






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”Let’s have a drink”

The targets of this scam, are usually solo traveller men. A well dressed man, who speaks good English, approach you in order to ask you for a lighter (most of the times). He will be very friendly and polite. He will approach you either if you are standing on the road waiting for something or someone, or even if you are dining at a restaurant. The next think you know is that you will start a conversation which always ends the same way. He asks you to join him for drinks. If you indeed go with him, suddenly some half naked women will show up and when the bill comes, you will have to pay houndreds of Euros. Decline the invitation from the beggining!




Shop of Persian carpets (Iranian carpets and rugs), Shiraz, Iran


Carpet or Leather Shop

A friendly man, will approach you, asking if you need any help, if you are lost or if you want directions to someplace. Most of the times he speaks many languages. If you accept his offer you will end up at one of his Carpet or Leather shop, drinking tea with him and his family. Of course he will try to convince you to buy many things. If he understand that you are not intresting, he will escort you to your destination






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Pick Pocketing

There are some people who will try to steal from you! Either your wallet or even the whole bag. Usually that happenes at crowded streets. So keep your wallet in a safe place and your bag always close to you. Try not to leave your things unattended!

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